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Born and bred in Germany in the 1970s, I moved to Scotland in 1998 and lived in various parts of the country for almost ten years. Having married a Danish man in the process, I then moved together with him to his homeland in 2007.

In 2013 my first novel, written together with a friend, was published in Germany. Over the next few years we wrote several novels on the side, before in 2016 deciding to go full-time and indie.​

From 2015 onwards I started - again on the side at first - to slowly move towards translating. Working with different languages has been a favourite pastime of mine since my youth and it seemed only natural to combine my love for languages with my love for writing.
I have in years past translated for several USA Today Bestseller authors from various countries. My main genre is Regency and other historicals, but I can work in other genres, like contemporary romances, and I have a real passion for high fantasy. Just ask. I am open for almost everything.

Corinna Vexborg



I was born in 1976 in the middle of Germany and also grew up here. After my education, I worked in retail and also in the office for many years, but my great love was always good stories.

Since 2014, I have been regularly publishing novels and short stories, partly in publishing houses, partly as a self-publisher. I have also been working as an editor for several years now. I love the challenge of getting the best out of a text together with the author. I work across genres. Whether fantasy, thriller, mystery, contemporary romances, erotic or historical novels - good stories are my passion.

Since the end of last year, I've been translating English novels into German, and I'm having a lot of fun doing it. Discovering great stories, searching for the best possible wording - all this fascinates me.

In my free time, I read a lot (who's surprised?), enjoy spending time with my family and walking through the woods with my golden retriever Lynes.

Astrid Radtke

Astrid Radtke

Hi, I am Jenny and I used to be a reader, nothing more than that.

And then one critical review of overlooked typos in a book got me the chance of a lifetime - becoming first a proofreader for a translator, then an editor, and because I got so into all this, I am now even translating books from English into German myself.

I am still a learner of the craft, but I absolutely love books and love what I am doing.

My favourite genres are very hard to pin down. I love Regency, Historical in general, time travel romances, but I also love bikers, High School and Young Adult books.

Jenny Riemer



Schreiben am Wasser

What we can do for you

Novels. No more. No less.

From our introductions above you can see that we cover a wide spectrum of genres. Because we ourselves have varied interests when it comes to books, there is sure to be the right translator for you in our group.

If you hand in your manuscript to us, we will give it all the respect it deserves. We will translate it not only with the author, but with the reader in mind. We will give it our very best attention, and we will provide several turns of spellchecks and the proper formatting according to German publishing once it is done. Afterwards it is your own decision if you would like it proofread by ourselves (a step which will NOT be provided by the one who translated it, but someone else, to follow the rules "four eyes see more than two") or if you would like to have it proofread by someone you know - in which case we will afterwards give the translation edits and suggestions one last check at no extra cost.

Talking about cost: You will find that our rates are very fair and highly competitive and have not changed in years. Contact us today and get a quote!

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