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"The Novel Translator(s)" is a web space shared by two women translating English language works of fiction into their native German. So if you are an author from the English speaking world looking to get a foot into the German book market and in need of someone to help you with the translation, look no further. We work fast, diligently and at a very reasonable price. Thank you for your interest in our service!

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When it comes to translating your novel into German, our service is pretty much an "allrounder". If we take on your project, we work with you on the manuscript itself, we brainstorm with you about the best title, we translate your blurb, your author bio and even snippets of text for marketing or newsletters. These extras do not generally incur any additional charges - once we have accepted your manuscript and gave you a quote, it covers small extras (within reason)

We will be able to get you in touch with both proofreaders (who only check for typos) to full-on editors (who also make sure that the formatting of the text is correct, the right dashes and dots in the right places, important when you consider print books and the specific rules for the German market). And if you need a different cover designer for your German editions, we also know some of those!

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