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About US

My name is Corinna Vexborg. I have been translating novels from English to German since 2015.

Born and bred in Germany in the 1970s, I moved to Scotland in 1998 and lived in various parts of the country for almost ten years. Having married a Danish man in the process, I then moved together with him to his homeland in 2007.

After an apprenticeship and several years of experience in the hospitality industry and a quick dash in retail, in 2013 my first book, written together with a friend, was published by a small house in Germany. Over the next few years we wrote several novels for the same publisher, before in 2016 deciding to go full-time and indie. We also tried a brief experiment with a large publishing house, but unhappiness with the process made me go back to being indie after only two books.

From 2015 onwards I started - on the side at first - to slowly move towards translating. Working with different languages has been a favourite pastime of mine since my youth and it seemed only natural to combine my love for languages with my love for writing. The fact that I do not have a degree reflects in my rates for the work provided, but I do believe that, being fluent in English (and, by the way, Danish) and being a writer in my own right in German is not the worst qualification to have for translating novels.


I have in years past translated for several USA Today Bestseller authors from various countries. My main genre is Regency and other historicals, but I can work in other genres, like contemporary romances. Just ask. On my Portfolio page you can see the books I have translated up until now.


Whatever spare time I have got, I like to spend at home with my husband (who is currently moving careers from that of a librarian / archivist into care for the elderly, which makes me immensely proud of

him) and our host of pets - currently two elderly cats and three young dogs - two dachshunds and the third a deerhound who believes himself to be a dachshund. We live in the Danish countryside in a

house standing within what I like to call a "wilderness garden" - but to be perfectly honest is just the result of laziness on my part, gardening just isn't my thing. Well, the birds and bees are grateful, so that

will do me!

Read on for some fun facts about me, if you are into that sort of thing:

favourite book: "The Winter Isles" by Antonia Senior and "Emotional Geology" by Linda Gillard

favourite author: I have quite a few, but I think at the moment it is C.D. Reiss

favourite movie: I get back to you on that one, but I have not seen the inside of a cinema for over 20 years

favourite tv-show: "Lost", "The Vicar of Dibley" and "How I Met Your Mother"

favourite colour: black

favourite food: don't remind me, I love to eat way too much

favourite country: That has to be Scotland


These days, as a professional translator, no two days are ever the same! Every project presents its own unique challenges, which is what keeps me coming back for more. Whether it's translating historical novels or working on the latest romance books, each new project brings with it an exciting adventure.

I am Katherina Kisner, a published translator with several years of experience.


I was born in the mid-eighties and grew up in Germany, so I have always been aware that my passion for languages would define my future career choice. It comes as no surprise when commercial, legal and technical translations became a most important part of my life, followed later by literary translations.


Every literary text is unique and bears the personality, love, worries and hopes of its author. My goal is to breathe new life into existing stories, to respect what has come before while also finding the very own German voice for each fictional character.


Recently, I had the privilege to work with bestselling authors on contemporary romance, fantasy thrillers or historical novels – I love the challenge of finding appropriate words and expressions for different periods which evoke feelings and emotions in readers.


I offer a professional service based on accuracy, precision and – above all – passion! So, if you're looking for your next great translation challenge? Look no further - give me a try!

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