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Cookie Policy

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Privacy Policy (last updated: 15/03/2022)

The only information about you that I collect is what you give me voluntarily through email and such. No information will be collected automatically. Only when you and I agree to work together, will I need certain personal details from you, as will be set out in correspondence and our agreement regarding thw service provided. By contacting me, or providing me with the information I just described, you authorize me to use your information for the purposes described below. This information will be collected and handled only by myself, Corinna Vexborg. No one else has access to this data.

I will use your information to:

  • conduct business with you;

  • communicate with you;

  • provide you with information related to what I do;

  • protect my rights and the rights of other parties (for example, by collaborating with the Law and the authorities when required)

You have the right do forbid me to use your personal information for commercial, communication or information reasons. Please note that this will likely make it harder or impossible to work with you.

Your personal information will be stored for an indefinite amount of time, unless and until you ask me to delete it. Please note that I cannot delete information written on contracts and other documents (for obvious reasons).

I will never sell your data or disclose it to third parties without your consent, unless it’s required in order to comply with laws and regulations, to respond to a search warrant or other lawful request for information I have received, or to otherwise protect my rights. Please note that third parties may acquire access through your data by other means, or I may acquire your information through them, For example, if you pay through Paypal, they will of course know that you sent me money, and I will be able to see your personal information within the transaction. You can find Paypal’s privacy policy here.

I will store your information in a password-protected environment that cannot be accessed from the outside. I will, of course, notify you as soon as possible in case of a data breach.

You have the right to know exactly which information I have on you, and how I acquired them. You have the right to ask me to correct, update or delete your personal information, and I will comply as soon as possible. Please note that laws and regulations might require me to keep some information (for example, the information included in translation agreements) even after you asked me to delete them.

I may update this privacy policy from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to my practices or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. It’s in your best interest to come back from time to time and check for updates.

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