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(Note: All prices are in Euro. There will be no price changes for 2023.)


Per word fee: 0,04€

(This means about 3000€ for a 300 page / 75000 word novel. Once we know the word count of your mauscript we will quote you a price based on this per word fee, rounded down to the nearest 100€.)

This rate includes a final read-through of the manuscript by ourselves to eliminate typos and other mistakes.


Book blurb, listing page and the finding of a suitable title do not incur any charges. Generally speaking, we tend to be quite approachable at most times (email or facebook) in case you need a quick blurb or title or any marketing material translated at no extra cost for you. We call that service. After all, you are paying a lot of money for the translation already.

We can offer you a maximum of up to 1000 words (equals around four pages) of your manuscript translated free of charge for you to then maybe give to a native German speaker for them to evaluate the quality of the work.

(We would like to add at this point that to deliver accurate and consistent work, we employ the help of translation memory software. This is just used as a supportive measure, not a single phrase slips through without going through our own hands - and brains.)



External Proofreading:

Per page fee: 1,50€

(One standardized page is 250 words long.)

Regular proofreader Jenny will take a few days to read through your manuscript and make your translator aware of any typos, strange / difficult to understand phrases or other errors which will then be corrected in the actual file.

(If you would like to organize your own proofreader, your translator will, after the proofer has worked on the manuscript, go over their changes and incorporate them into the work. Please make sure your proofreader works in MS Word and switches on the editing function for us to be able to complete this step within a reasonable time frame.)

The small print:

Once we give you a time frame as to when your service will be undertaken and when the deadline is, you can always rely upon us upholding these dates, even if they are months into the future. However, as a rule we do not set up a written letter of agreement with you until the week before we are due to start working on the manuscript. This agreement, which you will be asked to sign and return by mail, will state, amongst other things, the deadline for the delivery of the final translation as well as the final fee according to the per-word-rate in our original quotation.

In accordance with the Danish law ( ML § 13, stk. 1, nr. 7, Litterære oversættelser som kunstnerisk virksomhed der er fritaget for moms), no VAT is charged to Corinna's translations. In Katherina's case, the applicable paragraph in German law is (Kleinunternehmerregelung gemäß § 19 UStG), which also means no charging of VAT.

Remember, the copyright of the final work remains with the translator. You are legally required to mention their name within the impressum of the book.


Up until now we always ask for payment AFTER delivering the finished work. No author so far has let any of us down and we hope you won't be the first to do so if we say, no upfront payment required! We will send your invoice together with the finished manuscript and it will come with a two week payment window - if you have your own proofer and afterwards require your translator to incorporate the proofer's notes and corrections into the work, this will be done in a timely fashion at no extra charge from our part.

When it is time to pay, you can do so by either Paypal or Bank Transfer (tbh we prefer the latter, as Paypal takes quite a chunk out as their service fee, so much so that we are considering asking for a 4 or 5% surcharge on the invoice to cover at least some of it ... still debating that one between us ...).

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